Loudoun Hunt

LHPC Policies


Revised December 9, 2016

In addition to all U.S. Pony Clubs (USPC) and Virginia Region Pony Clubs (VRPC) policies, the Loudoun Hunt Pony Club (LHPC) has established the following specific policies.  All questions should be directed to the District Commissioner (DC). National policies are available on the internet at ponyclub.org.  Virginia Region policies are available on the internet at vrponyclub.org.

Membership New and Renewing Members

Loudoun Hunt Pony Club will be open for new and renewing membership throughout the year. Active participation for new and renewing members cannot begin until the USPC National Office has received all paper work and payment.  New and renewing members must be covered by National insurance prior to participation in any Pony Clubs activities.

Membership Forms

New Members

New Members must complete a USPC Membership Application and return it with payment to the

Membership Chair. 

The applications also must include the following:

  • Copy of the signed LHPC Parent Responsibility
  • Copy of the LHPC New Member Riding Information
  • Check payable to LHPC for USPC Annual Dues, VRPC Annual Dues & LHPC New

    Member Dues

  • One copy of a current negative Coggins for horse(s) or pony(s) to be ridden at Pony Club activities.

Renewing Members

Renewing Members should notify the Membership Chair of their intent to renew membership each Fall. 

Check payable to LHPC for USPC Annual Dues & VRPC Annual Dues should be sent to the Membership Chair prior to the deadline.  Membership will not be renewed unless payment is received by the Club. Late fees for USPC, VRPC and LHPC will be added to all late renewing membership.

The above must be submitted before a new or renewing member is eligible to participate in any USPC activities.

Dual Memberships

As space allows, Loudoun Hunt Pony Club will accept dual memberships and grant all LHPC benefits providing:

  • Candidate meets all National, Regional and LHPC policies and requirements.
  • Candidate meets all requirements in Fundraiser and Instruction Sections.
  • Remains a member in good standing in USPC.
  • Dual member should certify in club of record.

Membership Dues

Club dues will be determined each year at the annual sponsors' meeting.  A Club late fee of $25.00 will be added to any renewing membership paid after the due date.  This is in addition to the USPC and VRPC late fee.  There is a $15.00 administrative fee for incoming transfers or dual members.


Pony Clubs are administered by parents and other adults who volunteer to operate the Club and organize activities.  Individual adults may become Club Sponsors, from which the Club leadership - District Commissioner, Joint District Commissioner (optional), Club Secretary, and Club Treasurer - will be chosen.  In addition to selecting officers, Club Sponsors are charged with oversight of a club’s policies, budget and calendar of activities.  Club Sponsors are the official voting members of the Club.  Sponsor fees will be determined at the Annual Sponsors' Meeting. 


Fund Raiser

In order to help defray the cost of instruction of lessons, clinics, camps, other LHPC activities and operating expenses, LHPC will conduct two horse trials per year.  All members and parents are encouraged to participate in the preparation for, as well as working on the days of, the horse trials.

Use of Funds

The primary use of LHPC funds will be for lessons/camps and clinics embracing the requirements of the USPC standards of proficiency and to offset the operating expenses of this club.

Expenses of Club Officials and Volunteers

Minor expenses (e.g., postage, copying, and supplies) will be paid for by the Club when incurred in carrying out Club business and accompanied by proper receipts.  Major expenses (e.g., travel) must be approved by the sponsors.  A portion of the general fund will be used to cover registration fees, transportation, and lodging for the DC and Joint DC to attend the USPC annual meeting.  Horse trial expenses will be approved by the DC and Joint DC.


As long as funds in the treasury allow, LHPC will pay (for a member in good standing) for the spring and fall weekly mounted lessons, ground schools, one testing at each certification level, and a portion of summer camp.  Ground schools will be conducted during the winter months.  A minimum of six weekly mounted lessons each spring and six weekly mounted lessons each fall will be scheduled.  These will be group lessons embracing the requirements of the USPC standards of proficiency.

If members wish to participate in lessons, they must notify the DC before the start of lessons.  Lesson groups will be arranged, not necessarily by certification, but rather by current ability of the horse and rider combination.  Members are expected to notify the DC or lesson coordinator if they are going to be absent from lessons.

LHPC camp will be held each year in the summer.  A portion of summer camp will be paid by LHPC.

As long as funds in the treasury allow, LHPC will pay for team coaches for LHPC regional rally teams.  LHPC will not pay for personal coaches for team competitors.

Minimum Qualifications to Participate in Mounted Activities

Riders must be safely mounted and, on their own, should be able to walk, trot, halt and turn with control in a group.  This ability will be assessed by the DC and a LHPC instructor.

Rally Team Participation

Any LHPC member in good standing who wants to be on a Rally Team may do so if safe and meet requirements in the specific discipline rulebook and has the approval of the DC.


All candidates for certifications must be members in good standing with LHPC, the Region and USPC.  LHPC will pay for a candidate's certification at each level (D -1, D-2, D-3, C-1, C-2, H-B, C-3, B, H-HM, H, H-A, A, and specialty certifications), one time only.  If a candidate needs to be retested at any certification level, the member or member's parents will be responsible for the cost to retake the test.  Dual members should be certified through their club of record.

Member in Good Standing

A Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Member is considered in Good Standing if they are current with all dues and fees owed the Registered Club, Region and USPC and, when available, participate in one or more of the following:

  • They show evidence of sincere interest in the activities of Pony Club at the local, regional, or national level.
  • They assist younger members in the learning process.
  • They participate in Pony Club activities at the local, regional, or national level when and where appropriate, according to age, experience, and suitability of mount.

General Behavior

All members and parents are expected to be courteous to instructors and club officials at all times and must abide by the USPC code of conduct at all Pony Club activities.  Profanity is not allowed.  Members are expected to be on time for activities.  When unavoidably late, a member must ask permission of those in charge to join the activity.

Dress Code

Members must wear a Medical Armband on either upper arm with a completed USPC or USEA Medical Card or Medical Bracelet for all Pony Club activities.  An approved (ASTM, PAS or AS/NZ) helmet must be worn for any mounted Pony club activity, to include horse inspection and longeing.  In addition the following are required or expected for all mounted activities:

  • Britches or Jodhpurs are recommended: no jeans or chaps. Half-chaps may be worn. Ds may wear any style half-chaps. Half-chaps worn by Cs and up must be smooth leather and match their boots.
  • A conventional type of riding footwear with a heel is required (e.g., leather, synthetic or rubber riding boot s, Jodhpur boots, paddock boots or the equivalent).
  • Shirts must have sleeves and be tucked in.
  • Belts are required if there are belt loops on riding pants.
  • Long hair reaching below the shoulders must be neatly secured away (pony tail, braids or hair net) from the eyes.
  • No excessive jewelry.  See current USPC Horse Management Hand book - Rules for Rallies.
  • For all pony club activities, members are expected to dress in a manner that conveys respect for themselves, others, our sport, and our organization.

USPC Code of Conduct

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. is proud of its reputation for good sportsmanship, horsemanship, teamwork and well-behaved members.  The USPC expects appropriate behavior from all members, parents, and others participating in any Pony Club activity.

Inappropriate behavior includes:

  • Possession, use, or distribution of any illegal drugs or alcohol (See USPC Policy 0500 for further guidelines.)
  • Profanity, vulgar language or gestures
  • Harassment - using words or actions that intimidate, threaten or persecute others before, during or following Pony Club activities

  • Failure to follow rules
  • Cheating
  • Abusing a horse

I understand that the local club to which I am applying is under the governance of National, Regional and Club Bylaws and Policies.  I understand that I have access to these Bylaws and Policies, and that it is my responsibility to read them.  As specified in the Bylaws, membership may be denied or terminated at any time, with or without cause.  Should any membership be terminated for any reason, I understand that there will be no refund of national membership dues.  Participation in any USPC activity constitutes a release to be photographed and/or videotaped.  Said photographs and/or videotapes may be published or broadcast at the discretion of USPC, Inc.

These policies were reviewed and approved by the LHPC 2017 sponsors on December 9, 2016.